Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My First Posting

Hello everyone!
This is my very first posting on my blog “Letter from Christ”, and I’m excited! After studying and preparation, I think I’ve finally figured this out and am ready. As the oldest of five, a lot of my postings will have to do with my family. I would also like this blog to be an encouragement to every reader. For every believer is a Letter from Christ. I picked this name because I pray God will use me through this blog; that I would represent Him in a way that gives Him all the glory. I pray you will be blessed by this blog too, and that you would find nothing that is dishonoring to God. To Him be the glory forever!

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Anna Naomi said...

It looks like you've started a good blog! Thanks for commenting on ours, and for linking to us. Keep up the good work!