Wednesday, August 29, 2007

15th Birthday Tea

For the occasion of my 15th birthday, we had special, memorable event. We had a mother-daughter tea, celebrating the virtues of godly womanhood. To prepare for the tea, my mom, my sister and I made place cards, bookmarks and soap. We also got a crash course in flower arranging from a friend at church. It was fun transforming our schoolroom into a beautiful tearoom!

Many of the women in our church, as well as some family friends, wrote letters explaining what being a godly woman means, as well as encouraging me to develop these virtues. I'll share some of their wisdom later on my blog. The women that were there to participate in the tea read their letters aloud. Some gave gifts reflective of their letters, while others gave things for me to keep in my hope chest. I have an exceptionally special hope chest because my grandfather made it, and it contains wood from the old family barn.

Here is an idea of how it went:
After the guests arrived, we ate some of the tea food and (some) drank hot tea. After a little while of visiting, the ladies began reading their letters, and giving their wisdom. Then we ate the teapot cake my family made. It turned out really cute!

The Tea Pot Cake!

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Anna Naomi said...

Looks like a beautiful tea! How special that you got letters from different women - it's wonderful when the older women pass on wisdom to us younger ladies!