Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Honoring Your Parents

taken from "A Young Woman After God's Own Heart"
by Elizabeth George
Yes, but how?
1. Your attitude- Where is your attitude born, cultivated and maintained? In your quiet time, as God’s Word fills your heart and sets your direction for your day…as you pray! Purpose to …
· Seek the Lord’s help daily through His Word and prayer
· Seek an “I’m #3 attitude (with your father as #1 and mother #2)
· Seek to put away self-ishness and put on self-lessness.

2. Your Room- Go the extra mile to have a cheerful heart while cleaning your room or doing whatever your parents need you to do.

3. Your Cooperation- your willingness and cooperation will affect the family. Give your all.

4. Your Help- Constantly be asking “How can I help?”. The Bible says “Two are better than one”. So offer your help!

5. Your prayers- Pray for yourself and your family. Pray God will soften your heart and change your attitude. Ask Him to help you submit, honor and respect them.

6. Your submission- I need to learn to submit to my parents in everything, cultivating a happy, obedient heart. How I submit to my dad will be how I submit to my husband.

7. Your Truthfulness- Always tell the truth!

8. Your Giving- Learn to be a giver. Ask God in your heart, “What can I give?” in every situation.

I read this book and took notes throughout about a year ago. I encourage each young woman to read it. Although there is a little in the end about dating, the rest is great. Also, here is a wonderful poem I found in that same book that goes along well:

Good, better, best,
Never let it rest
Until your good is better
And your better best.

Lists like this I think are great as "check ups", to see where your heart is and where it needs to be. How are you honoring your parents? How are you serving?


Kris said...

Great post! I find item number six to be important because I believe that our submission to parental authority is an indication or pattern for eventual submission to God if he calls you to Him. If we struggle with rebellion in the home, then it is likely we will struggle with obedience to God. In my view, I either get to learn submission when I'm young, or I get to learn submission when I'm old. Either way, I get to learn submission. I find that it's much better to learn when you're young because there's far less selfish baggage that needs to be unloaded compared to learning it as an adult.

Kristen said...

Good reminders here, Allison! I especially loved the Courtship post that you did! That was really good -- our family is on the same page in terms of choosing to court over dating. I really liked the quote that you included from the Botkin girls, which is such a good way to think about it!