Friday, August 17, 2007

More on Trusting God

I wrote how God worked through me teaching me to trust Him, but as surprising as it may be, there’s even more to that story. God did so many different things in the midst of that, and it’s just so amazing what a great God He is. After praying for a friend for over a year, I started to wonder whether God was really going to bless me with a friend, and if that was His plan. Although asking for a friend stayed in my prayers, it was not as important. My relationship with my parents however, seemed to grow stronger and deepen during those years. I also became closer to my siblings. All in all, God knew it was best for me.

So what did I do during these years, if I had no close friend to hang out with and spend time with? Well, I began learning different things that would be beneficial to me later in life. I read my Bible, and worked through devotionals and other good books. I began to bake more, and work on becoming a good cook. Also around that time, my mom had my youngest brother, and I learned how to care for babies. I took a Safe Sitter class, preparing to be a babysitter. I read a lot of books that encouraged and blessed me. I started reading the Keepers at Home book, and trying to learn and complete some of the stuff in there. For that, I learned how to iron. Ironing was a great thing for me to learn because eventually I was able to take the place of mom in ironing the clothes for Sunday, freeing her to do other things. Now my sister has taken my job of ironing so she can learn how and practice doing it. Additionally, I tried to start what I called a Saturday Bible Club, where I would do stuff with some of the neighborhood girls. I would come up with Scripture, games, and encouraging articles that I thought would be great for them It was a good experience for me, and I had to dig into God’s Word and read things to plan for it. I had fun while it lasted. Stamping cards was another thing I started up, and I wrote many letters and cards to pen pals.

The Scripture I memorized during these times has stuck with me. Whenever I don’t understand something and just start to ask God “why?”. He has the same answer for me. He turns me to the book of Isaiah, “My ways are not your ways”. How true that is! There have been different situations other than moving where that verse has been applicable. My story is just a testimony to the greatness of God and how His ways are always perfect and right.

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