Sunday, September 30, 2007

George Washington--Visiting Mount Vernon

George Washington was a man of outstanding character. Many things are accredited to him, with one of the extremely famous ones being when he was able to give up power. Because of his exceptional character and wisdom during the French Indian War, he emerged as a leader in the eyes of the colonists. He was trusted by everyone because of his amazing integrity and the people were ready to make him king, yet he would have no part of that. He was one of the few people in all history humble enough to give up the power offered to him. Multiple times George Washington was able to witness God’s providential hand. Miraculously, in the battle of Monongahela during the French Indian War, Washington, who had two horses shot from under him and bullet holes throughout his coat, nevertheless escaped unharmed. He credited this, as well as many other things, to God’s providential hand. Although many historians try to make him out to be a Deist, his very own writings prove otherwise. Because of his extraordinary character, leadership, and integrity, it’s no wonder he was unanimously elected president in 1789.

It was incredible to be able to see this man’s home, property, and the museum dedicated to him. Mount Vernon is a 5,000 square foot home, and is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. This mansion had 9 furnished bedrooms! George Washington was known for loving agriculture, which is displayed in the massive farm, gardens and storerooms he owned. He was the only person to ever own an eight sided barn, in which he had his horses tread wheat. The back of his house overlooked the beautiful Potomac River. In season, it was known that he could catch 1.5 million herring, in 6 weeks! Around the house there were servants’ quarters, a laundry house, cooking house, carriage house, as well as others. The property around the house is stunning! In addition, the museum had on display items such as George Washington’s Bible, his wife Martha’s Bible, one of her gowns, and more. Included were wax figures of Washington, giving a picture of what he probably looked like at different ages of his life. The thing however, that stood out most of all, was the fact that he had great character. His courage, nobility, meekness, humility, integrity, trustworthiness, and other credible characteristics should always be remembered. As George Washington himself put it, “Good moral character is the first essential in a man.

The door handle of Washington's home (isn't it small?)
The Potomac River
George Washington's Bible

One of Martha Washington's gowns

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