Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Summary of Maxwell Conference

Monday evening, January 7, we had the great pleasure of attending a conference by the Maxwell family. We had never been to one, and it was quite encouraging, inspiring, and convicting. For the first session, the young ladies attended a talk by the Maxwells’ oldest daughter, Sarah. Sarah spoke on joy, giving explaining various things such as what we need to experience joy, and hindrances to joy. She also spoke on how discontentment and worry can rob us of joy. Practical areas of joyful young womanhood she included were: dress, guarding our hearts, and marriage. One of the main things she encouraged girls to do was invest in their siblings and build and strengthen their family relationships. Reminding that we have an influence over our siblings, Sarah exhorted us to evaluate our thoughts and actions. Ultimately, for young women, our joy should come primarily from our relationship with our Lord, and in serving and helping our family. “You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence there is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16:11

The second session was by Christopher and Sarah, for all the young adults. It was geared towards practical advice on starting an in-home business. We learned that in order to have an in-home business, it is essential that you have a good relationship with God and your parents. Tithing is an essential part of having a business, because we are merely God’s stewards and we should joyfully honor Him in that way. In starting a home business, even before we’ve graduated from high school, we are learning business and life skills. We should be honoring God through it, and using the gifts God has given us. Our focus should not be on money, but to ultimately and completely honor God. There are three types of businesses: learning businesses, ministry businesses, and profitable businesses. The goal in learning businesses is simple to learn a great skill and be productive. In ministry businesses you do not get paid, but serve others. Ministry business examples they gave for young ladies included sewing modest clothes, making Scripture greeting cards, cake decorating, and writing children’s stories. Profitable businesses may start out as a learning or ministry business, and someday grow into a way to make money as God blesses. Profitable businesses often have a good balance of time invested and profit earned. Of course, you don’t have to have a degree to have an in-home business, but there are some prerequisites. You must have a desire to work, and it will be inevitable that you will have to work hard. Dealing with all kinds of people, and being able to talk and carry on conversations with adults is important. Even though you don’t have to hold a degree in a particular field, you still can’t begin without knowing anything. Computer and typing skills, book keeping and financial skills, and basic tax knowledge can be of great help when starting a business. Overall, both of these sessions were fantastic. It was encouraging, inspiring, and a blessing to be able to go.

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Mandy Grace said...

It sounds like that was a great conference! I really enjoyed reading about what you learned, especially about areas to practice joy in and the three different kinds of businesses. Thanks for sharing!