Thursday, January 24, 2008

Technology Free Week

This next week, from Sunday, January 27- Saturday, February 2 I am taking a technology free week. Yes, that means no computer, T.V., radio, i-pod, video games, etc. I am not going completely electronic free, but I am taking a break to hopefully put my time into some more productive things. Anyone who would like to join me is welcome! :) Because I rarely use certain electronic items such as the phone, I am not “banning” myself from it, although others may choose to if they wish. Now I have made a couple exceptions. For instance, if the computer is need for a school project (i.e. a writing assignment) it may be used. But for that reason only. No “pleasure” activities while I'm on. I will return after this break. Here’s a small list of some things you could do in place of the time you spend on these electronic devices:

· Clean and organize! Whether your room, or other places in the house to be a blessing

· Extra chores…. Suggestions could be cleaning and vacuuming the family van, mopping, vacuuming the blinds, cleaning the windows, or anything else that you can think of!

· Improving in a skill you have started

· Read some character building books, or books on a skill you are learning

· Cook, bake, experiment! Try out that new recipe you’ve been wanting, or bake some cookies… any baking or cooking is fun!

· Serve! What could you do to serve your family and/or others?

· Write a letter…Yes, you can take the time to send a handwritten letter this week… everyone loves to receive mail!

· School… Of course, many of us have school in the midst of this. You can’t slack on it during this week! Some don’t spend much time on electronic things in the first place, but my point is to give some ideas so you aren’t unproductive if you choose to do a technology free week. And if this week is not a good one for you, choose another! You will reap the blessings of the productive things you choose to do instead…

I’ll tell you what I was able to do during this week… I don’t know, maybe I’ll make this a pattern to do every couple months! :)

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Mandy Grace said...

Hm, I don't know if I should leave a comment in the midst of your technology free week or not! :-) I hope it's going well for you so far! I do enjoy days where I don't spend a lot of time on the computer. I get so much more done. *smile*