Saturday, March 29, 2008


But, if he had let [the tree] grow up as it had began, without any care, it never would have been the stately tree it is now. That was the most important period in its life, when it was a little twig. It began to lean over, and grow crooked and ugly. If it had not been trained up then, it would have continued to grow worse and worse; and, after it had grown to be a tree, it could not have been straightened at all. Now, you are, in some respects, like this little twig. You, too, have just begun to be; and now your character is pliable, like the young tree. But, unlike it, your being is to have no end. Instead of growing a few hundred years, like a great tree, you are to live forever. And everything that you do now must have an influence in forming your character for your whole being.
Harvey NewcombHow to Be a Lady (emphasis mine)
This section stuck out at me while reading How to Be a Lady, and reminded me of the importance of developing good character now, and how everything that we do now will affect us in the future. While we strive to become like Christ, we should daily put off the old self (bad character) and put on the new self (good character).

Have a blessed and God-glorifying weekend!


Amanda Grace said...

That's one of my favorite books! A very thought-provoking quote. :-)


Rachel said...

Hello, I just found your blog, and I thought I should not lurk around and leave a comment (smile).

Wow, that sounds like a great book! I had never heard of it before, but I think I need to add it to my reading list. The analogy is just great, thanks for sharing.

In Christ,