Tuesday, April 29, 2008

20 Days of Prayer Challenge

Prayer Challenge

Miss Jocelyn has begun a 20 days of prayer challenge, beginning May 1st. For twenty days, you pick a country to pray for.
Miss Jocelyn's suggestions on what to pray for include:
  • that God’s Word would reach the people
  • The people would accept it
  • The salvation of the people
  • The leadership of the country
  • The false religions to fail
If you are interested in joining, please visit her blog! Prayer is powerful!!


Marc said...

I like the prayer challenge, and you can for sure check me in. We need to pray more often, not just for our needs and all, but for the world's. I know, prayer makes a huge difference. There's at least one thing that we can do, and that is PRAYER!!!! Nothing can beat that.

Miss Jocelyn said...

I'm so glad you posted about this and will be participating!

Thanks for your comment on my scrapbooking article! Are you going to enter?

MJ - GGM Writer