Monday, April 14, 2008

Feelin' Feminine Challenge

I decided to take part in the Feelin’ Feminine Challenge, as I have seen other bloggers do. I’m not the only one doing it this week however, because my sister and some other girls in our church are joining with us. I believe this will make it much more enjoyable and meaningful, because then we can discuss what it was like and the differences between skirts and pants. Wearing skirts and dresses is not completely new for me though, because usually half or more of each week I wear skirts or dresses. I’ll post the pictures of my outfits from neck down :) . I’m excited! If you have not already participated in this challenge, I encourage you to! Please go to


Maiden of Purity said...

I encourage you to keep it going! I have been doing that for quite some time, and I love it! Honestly, I CAN do anything in a skirt. It's sooooo funny because normally people will look at me with an odd face! You might get asked often, especially the hardest I find is boys around my age! Arrrrg! Anyways, keep it up! God bless you!

A sister in Christ

Katie said...

Its not as hard as I thought and its really fun too!