Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feelin' Feminine week review

I believe it is customary to give some sort of review of the “Feelin’ Feminine Week”. I have to pronounce that it was fantastic! My opinion is that skirts and dresses make me feel more feminine, so I prefer to wear them over pants or capris. In fact, I received a comment from my dad conveyed something like this, “Allison, you and your sister have accomplished your goal this week. You have looked more feminine in your dress.” My dad prefers us to wear skirts and dresses, so I do too!

There is one thing that hinders girls I believe from doing stuff like this, (I say this from experience) that it seems like you can’t do so many things if you are wearing a skirt or dress. You believe you will feel limited in what you can do. But it is quite the opposite! I say from experience from the last months that is possible to do almost anything in a skirt or dress. One thing I don’t suggest though is climbing trees or riding a bike, unless you have a pair of long shorts or capris underneath. :) (no, I haven't tried it) If those are the reasons that have lingered your decision, I encourage you to just try it! You’ll find that it isn’t that hard. I do prefer skirts that flow out though, and not pencil skirts and dresses, because those are harder to walk and do things in.

Modesty is another important thing to factor in when wearing skirts or dresses. As long as you stay away from short skirts and high slits, it's pretty easy to stay just as modest or more than in pants.

So if you haven't attempted the Feelin' Feminine Week, please try!!! After the week, ask your dad if he prefers you to wear skirts or pants. In fact, ask yourself the same question after a week of it! I think most agree that all girls look more feminine in skirts and dresses!


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I've enjoyed your Feelin' Feminine Week posts! I completely agree that is a bad idea to wear skirts on bikes and in trees... and I speak from experience on both counts! I wear skirts most of the time, and while it can be a bother to get redressed for a bike ride or some yard work, it is completely worth it! And, believe it or not, most activities can be done while wearing a dress.

Thanks for your comment! I have enjoyed looking over both of your blogs!

Maiden of Purity said...

Wonderful! I am so very glad for you! Well, to be honest I do wear skirts biking, but then I kinda realized it was crazy, so I wear like some loose capris or boy shorts (which are longer). And I have a handful of brothers! :)I love doing it, it's such an awesome thing. I don't wear dresses, because I find them a bit annoying, so I just wear skirts. Many think it's weird because you may not be so modern, but believe me, that isn't the case. I do dress modern and cute! It's just how you do it. Remember to share your experience with others and do it all unto the Lord!

Your sister in Christ...Vanessa

Kristen said...

Very neat. It is fun to dress in a feminine way -- I would like to start doing it more often!

My favorite outfit that you wore for your "feelin' feminine week" was the broomstick/flare skirt. I love the colors and think it is beautiful!