Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Legacy of the Titanic

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The Legacy of the Titanic

The legacy of the Titanic and the cry issued by Captain Smith—“Women and children first!”, has remained a memory . Recently my family had the pleasure of taking a field trip to see a temporary exhibit of the Titanic, and we were reminded of that legacy. The artifact viewing and brief learning of the details of the voyage were exciting, but we were reminded of two important things, that pride comes before a fall and that the men who gave up their seats on lifeboats in order to save women and children were real men.

The R.M.S. Titanic was the most luxurious ship ever. If the Titanic set sail today, with the rates just as they were then, then the most expensive rooms would cost around $40,000. Observing the various artifacts they had on display, watching an animation of how the Titanic plummeted into the deep water, and reading the tidbits they had about some passengers on the Titanic as well as the actual ship were some of the things we did at the Titanic exhibit. Pride played its role in the building and completion of this ship, as many put their trust in it.

An interesting lesson to learn from the sinking of the Titanic is something that Proverbs reveals—“pride comes before a fall”. Reflect on all the people who were assured and convinced that the Titanic was unsinkable. Consider the warnings that should have been heeded that were ignored. Ponder the shortage of lifeboats and the safety precautions that should have been taken. All because of the pride and tenacious thoughts that the Titanic could not sink. How interesting that God had to take this modern day “tower of Babel” and destroy it in order to humble the people.

The cry declared by Captain Smith “Women and children first!” is a vital element to the story of the Titanic. Even though museums, exhibits, and books relating the story of the Titanic usually give some mention to the fact that the cry was “Women and children first!” in the midst of the chaos and plummeting; many times that phrase is made light of, or undermined. There is little or no emphasis on the courage and nobility the men had to perform in order to lay down their lives for the women and children. Why is it important? I mean, with the men being the only ones working and making money for the family in that generation, shouldn’t they have been the first on the boats? It may appear strange that the answer is no. Ultimately though, the answer is only acquired if your understanding stems from a biblical worldview. Biblical roles require the men to lead and protect. This means that if a tragedy occurs such as the sinking of a ship, a man should nobly sacrifice his life to save a woman or child. It is not because women and children are more important than men, but rather that it is their duty. This dutiful heroism translates into a powerful legacy of moral character for the next generation.

Conscientiously we should be thankful for the men who were willing to demonstrate courage and boldness while sacrificially giving up their lives, and the example they set for the following generations. We should also be immensely thankful for and applaud the men and boys of our generation who are courageous and bold, willing to sacrifice, and who know it is their responsibility to provide and protect. Although the artifacts and things were intriguing to view, what ultimately sticks out in my mind is the legacy of men who proved that they were gentlemen, willing to die in order to save the ladies and children.


Miss Jocelyn said...

Wow, Alison, that was a really gripping post. I bet going to see the "Titanic" was really neat and to have all these thoughts going through your head! I like what you said at the end "men who were willing to demonstrate courage and boldness while sacrificially giving up their lives" and this "were gentlemen, willing to die in order to save the ladies and children". Really great post. :)

Oh I see you got the FF icon on your sidebar. Did the blogroll code ever work?


Maiden of Purity said...

Amazing! That is very true. I never really saw it from the perspective like that. I knew that women and children were first, but the way you explained it really makes sense. Unfortunately, there are so many young boys these days that care for themselves only. They should be ashamed. I have experienced times such as that, where I was in help and a few boys just foolishly walked away. However, the men that do make a sacrifice, do deserve an applaud!

Thanks for your post!