Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Wow, is it already Tuesday? The weeks go by too quickly! Just to let you in on a bit of my life... We've been busy trying to finish up school (I only have Latin and math left...yea!), plus some other stuff that's going on. I have to prepare to take a final Latin test, which is kind of intimidating to me, because I feel like I need to study a LOT! :) Lord willing, I will finish all my work by Friday, and then next week I'll grade whatever's not been graded. Summer's rapidly approaching!

To start off our summer, we have a homeschool conference the first weekend in June. I'm also gradually working on some posts about the conference we attended this past weekend, but I can't promise when they'll be up. Hopefully this week....

So to get you talking, when do you finish school, or do you school through the summer? (if you are in school) :)


Kristen said...

How exciting to be approaching the "last days" of school for the year! I am ready for summer too! I am taking my final for Algebra on Friday, then a final for English probably sometime next week or the following.... I think we are taking the final for history next week too. One of our classes goes until the first week of June or something! So, we are on the home stretch; however, some subjects will finish before others. It's so wonderful to know that we're almost done!

Maiden of Purity said...

Oh Allison I'm counting down the days! We end May 30! Everything! So, just a few more days...! Normally in TX we finished this week, but since we now live in Illinois my parents decided to extend it a bit longer! All these hard long working school days are almost done! I can't wait! We don't do school through the summer, too much goes on. Vacations etc.

You also mentioned something in the past on my blog about you and your family thinking about doing College Plus. Well, my oldest brother does that. It's actually really great. He's graduating from highschool in just two weeks from now. He started College Plus this past year (his 12th yr.) My parents are also thinking about doing it for me, but not until I'm done with highschool. Because my brother was really loaded to the max with both highschool and college. Let me know what y'all decide!