Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day poem #4

Kathryn Blakburn Peck

Mothers with courage; mothers who pray,
These are the kind the world needs today.
Mothers who think, who study and plan;
Mothers who laugh as much they can,
Having the gift that is better than money—
The habit of seeing that some things are funny.
Mothers whose faith never wavers or falters;
Mothers whose spirits the world never alters;
Loving the right and scorning the wrong;
Facing the problems of life with a song.
Mothers whose bravery transcends their fears;
Winning the battle with patience and tears;
Never submitting to weakness or sin—
Storming heaven’s gates till the children are in.
Mothers heroic, not guilty of whining;
Hands graced with service and faces with shining.
Mothers or purity, virtue, and faith,
Steadfast in life and triumphant in death;
Looking beyond the dark pathway of sorrow,
Seeking a home in God’s joyous tomorrow,
Leading the children; pointing the way—
These are the mothers, the world needs today!


Maiden of Purity said...

Wow Allison, that is so true! Mothers are amazing and always are strong in all they do. Wow, that is really neat! I still have some character qualities to work on inorder to become a women like my mom! Thanks for leaving the NICE comment on my blog! Have a nice up- coming weekend!

Love your blogging Friend

Kristen said...

What a neat poem! I really enjoyed this particular one, and definately can see my mom when reading it! What a blessing mothers are!

Where did you find all of these lovely Mother's day poems?

Have a great weekend!

Danielle said...

Wow....what a wonderful poem. I believe my Mom was like that. Makes me miss her even more, but she gave me such a great example, and my hope is one day to be a mother like the poem mentions and a mother like my Mom. :)

simplysanctified said...

Amen and amen!!!! I am so thankful for a godly mother who has followed Christ and blessed her family beyond all comprehension!

Allison said...

Kristen: the poems came from a book I have titled, "Daughters of Destiny" by Noelle Wheeler Goforth. It has some great poems and stories in it!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, ladies!

This is one of my favorite poems I found. I love it... and it perfectly describes my mother, a godly mother. I desire to be a mother like this poem describes!

Kristen said...

Every year we try to compile a Mother's Day or Father's Day scrapbook full of notes and pictures from each family member, showing our appreciation for Mom/Dad. We are in the process of getting one ready to present Mom for Mother's Day, and I am going to use this poem for one of the pages! Thanks so much for posting this--I think it will be an encouragement to my mom. ~ Kristen