Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day poem #5


I desire to be a godly mother,
Like my mom someday,
Whose children arise and call her blessed,
That’s what I will do today.
“Many women do noble things, but my mother surpasses them all”;
A few of her many virtues I would like to call.
My mother is never idle; she always finds something to do;
And if she has nothing she will take the initiative to learn something new.
She does not malign the word of God,
But instead is reverent and true,
To the teaching Paul gives the women in Titus chapter 2.
She cooks and cleans and helps us,
And is selfless from the start;
She demonstrates humility from deep inside her heart.
She knows that staying home will never bring high pay,
But the thought of the eternal blessings she’ll reap
Are enough to make her stay.
She prepares her daughters to be keepers at home
As she teaches us new skills;
Knowing we will not need to go to work
And worry about paying the bills.
However, she knows it’s important for girls to be vigorous and wise,
To learn to save and spend sparingly,
And to always remember to tithe.
A Christian education is her goal,
To give us a biblical worldview;
So that when we are tested with secular views
We will know how to always pull through.
As I look up to this godly wife and mother,
With a gentle and quiet spirit.
My hopes are that I, as I learn to be virtuous,
May obtain the same merit.

This is the poem I wrote for my mom on Mother's Day last year. Each year after the service at our church we say something that our mom does for us, and a reason we love them, or read a poem we write. Sorry I missed putting up a poem yesterday, I had a busy day and didn't have time to. This is my last poem. Have a wonderful weekend worshiping God and honoring your mothers! :)

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Maiden of Purity said...

Allison, that is so beautiful! So, very true isn't it?! Godly mothers are a blessing from God! I find your blog so amazing! Keep up your GREAT work!