Friday, May 30, 2008

Newly Painted Room

Here are the promised pictures of my newly painted room! (and some rambling to go along with it!!) :) And the color is..........BLUE! (my favorite color!) I was a little worried at first, because it looked more purple than I expected, but it dried bluer, for which I was grateful. My walls are still blank right now, because we have not decided on how to decorate yet, and I have not hung any of my old picture frames and things up. (Before I hang them up, I want to make sure that's where they'll stay!) I hope to stencil a Scripture verse either above my bed or on the wall that you see when you first walk into my bedroom. I have the guest bedroom in our house, and that's really the only reason why I have a queen sized bed. Whenever we have guests, I move next door to my sister Katie's room. Oh! And my mannequin heads aren't up there! AWW! lol I have three, and they are usually sitting on top of my bookshelves, but are not there. It's pretty strange having heads looking at you! They model my hats and are for me to practice my hair cutting, but I have not attempted that yet.... So without further delay, here are the pictures!

Please tell me what you think about it!


Kristen said...

Neat! I guessed that blue would probably be your favorite color! =) It looks great! I have the guest room at our house--just like you--and that's the only reason why I have a queen-sized bed and a nice spacious room all to myself too! lol. Funny how things are ;o)

A Godly Maiden said...

I think it looks great! My room is painted blue too, but it's a lighter almost sky blue.

~ Lacy

Maiden of Purity said...

Allison, it's soooooooo beautiful! Wow, I really love it! Y'all picked and did a great color! I absolutely LOVE IT! :)

Jade said...

My room is the same color that’s soooo cool!!!!!
I LOVE it!!!!!!! :)

Sara said...

Hey, Allison! Your room looks lovely! Blue is one of my favorite colours!

Yours Truly,

Taylor said...

Allison! I love your room! It is so pretty.:o)
Sorry I haven't commented in a while!


åslaug said...

It's so beautiful =) I really liked the colour, I trust you'll sleep well! My bedroom is blue too(I don't live at home, because of boarding school) but a much much darker blue...

God bless, He LOVES you. And HIS love isn't even close to our everyday expression, it's so much more..

He is God =)


Mia said...

Beautiful! I especially like your guitar and flower basket!