Monday, June 30, 2008

What I'm doing this month...

This month, my siblings and I are taking a sabbatical from computer. Similar to the Technology Free week we've done in the past, we are going to spend the last whole month of summer "vacation" finding more productive things to do. The last week we will be at our Granny's, so although we may possibly be on the computer (it's our vacation, after all) most likely we will not go online. During this month, I hope to read much more than I have been, before school starts back again!
The reason we are not breaking from all electronics is because we've found computer to be the most tempting one. We rarely watch T.V. or DVDs, we don't talk much on the phone rather than answering it, we don't listen to i-Pods much or play video games ever. Yet we will not use our "no-computer time" as an excuse to spend on other electronics. We are planning on finding productive and hard things to do. :) If you are interested in taking a week off or more from computer and/or other electronics, feel free to join us! This was a last minute decision (made late last night) so this post is late. Sorry about that.
I have a couple scheduled posts for you to look out for!

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