Thursday, July 3, 2008

Do Hard Things conference-- my thoughts

This past Saturday I was blessed to attend the Do Hard Things conference along with two of my siblings, my father, and a group of friends. We were challenged, convicted, encouraged, and inspired. Doing hard things and not wasting away the teenage years is something that is important in our church, so it was really neat to see how many others desire the same thing!
Alex Harris stated three principles that will make what we learned last.
1) Not just alone
2) Not just with peers
3) Not just with people
It is definitely impossible to stay motivated to do hard things if you are doing it alone. We all need encouragement and accountability. Yet at the same time, we can’t only derive that from peers. We must have mentors - close relationships with our parents and other godly men and women. They can give us much more wisdom than our friends our age can! But people are not our only companions. Books, movies, and any source of media are just as much. They influence us in many ways—good or bad. That is why we must be so guarded and cautious about what we expose ourselves to. We must choose those “friends” as carefully as we choose our human friends.
If there is a conference coming anywhere near you, please attend! You will not regret it! One thing I have learned is that doing hard things does not mean you have to do something “big” or “great”. Doing hard things has to do with simple hard things such as fighting the sin in your life, making your bed, or keeping your room clean. Anything that is difficult for you qualifies. And hard things are different for each person, so you must decide what is truly hard for you. If you are not able to attend a conference, then I highly encourage you to read their book, Do Hard Things. Make a list of some hard things that you need to do, and start working! : )

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Kristen said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful conference. I have heard some little details also from a friend from church who went too. Great message. I am so glad that it was and inspiration and an encouragement.

Blessings on your summer vacation!