Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's on the Menu?

*To give a brief overview to this post, we were out of town from July 14-26.
After eating frozen stuff and quick meals while gone, the first day back (other than Sunday, when we don't cook dinner) I had this urge to cook a yummy dinner. So I asked Katie if she would like to help me make a special dinner. Her response? "Let's make bread!!"
Our "menu"?
~garlic and cheddar chicken from recipe zaar
~steamed carrots
~sugar snap peas

and dessert? Toll House Chocolate chip pie! YUM!!! (we haven't made it yet though...)

The meal was delicious, if I do say so myself. We rarely make homemade bread (not in our bread machine), so the bread was a treat. Here are a some pictures we took...

Me... separating dough for loaves




Scott Head said...

Wow, wonderful! May we expect homemade bread from scratch at every fellowship meal from now on?

I bet that bread was good, I can almost smell it over here!

Allison said...

We still have a loaf leftover. :) Yes, it was delicious!

lol If Katie chooses, we will have homemade bread every fellowship meal!

Caleb said...

Looks fun, and Im sure it was! After eating frozen and quick meals for a couple of weeks Im sure it was nice to get back to the normal "fresh" food! ;)

Allison said...

Yes Caleb, it was fun, and just wonderful to cook real food again! :)

Kristen said...

How fun to do dinner! I enjoy being in the kitchen too. It looks like you and Katie make a great team!

Katie said...

Bread it really fun to make!! I hope mom will let us do it again soon!! we