Sunday, August 24, 2008

101st Post!

Oops! It completely slipped my mind when I wrote my previous post! I was intentionally waiting to do a special "100th post". Oh well! I guess it will be the 101st post!
Here's what I was thinking of doing for my 100th post:
It seems common to post something special, or at least mention when you post your 100th post, but I'm not really sure what I should post. :)
My 100 favorite things? No. 100 things you need to do before you die? No. 100 great things about Blogger? No! Hmm....... How 'bout 100 things I'm grateful for? (since that's all I can think of!) This will take a while...
Not in a particular order, but rather, how I thought them up:
1. The mercy and grace of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!
2. Salvation found in Christ alone!
3. My loving family
4. Our wonderful church family!
5. Parents who are genuinely concerned about training me in the "way I should go"
6. Four younger siblings! I've prayed for more, but I am content with the great ones I have now!
7. A digital camera, to "freeze" time, especially the shots I get of my youngest brother
8. like-minded friends- church friends, pen-pals, blogging friends, whoever!
9. The time Luke and Katie spend in my room at night
10. Air conditioning!
11. A roof over my head
12. brothers who kill the nasty cockroaches
13. A creative sister who helps me design and decorate things
14. A knowledgeable brother who gives me interesting facts, explains things to me, and teaches me things
15. Cute young brothers who make me laugh
16. A family who forgives me over and over for the things I do wrong!
17. hugs from my youngest brother (he loves to give hugs!)
18. A father who teaches me Scripture, and answers my questions about what we believe
19. A mother who spends so much of her time educating us at home from a biblical worldview
20. Parents who are concerned about what God's Word says than what the world says
21. Distance learning so I don't have to leave for "higher" education
22. Parents who care more about my relationship with Christ than mere knowledge

23. Conferences, which encourage, inspire, and convict me!
24. God's Word - the guide for all of life
25. A comfy bed
26. An alarm clock
27. Books to learn so many things!
28. A library to borrow books from
29. Blogs - to express my thoughts, read others' thoughts, and be encouraged
30. Piano - the beautiful sound of music
31. Singing - to worship our God, especially harmony!
32. Many instruments - to make beautiful harmony
33. Founding fathers - who built our nation on biblical principles
34. Real men who know how to be gentlemen and understand how to correctly treat women/girls
35. Men who laid down their lives for our country
36. Email - a quick way to communicate with my friends
37. Clothes - I've never lacked them
38. Conviction - the Holy Spirit's way of revealing my sin
39. My own room, even though I thoroughly enjoy being with my siblings!
40. People who dress modestly - girls or boys
41. Allergies - well, I have a lot of them, so there must be something decent about them!
42. Freedom to be homeschooled43. Freedom to worship
44. Tea cups to have lady-like tea parties
45. My parents' wisdom, which ever needs to be imparted to me
46. Braces - which correct teeth irregularities
47. Scrapbooks to display recent family history, photos, and memories
48.  Paul Washer, whose sermons have brought great conviction to me
49. My dad's faithful expositing of the Word of God
50. The work God is doing in homeschoolers and family integrated churches
51. The work God has done in my life
52. Hospitality - a way to fellowship with, encourage, and bless others
53. A sewing machine - so I don't have to stitch by hand!
54. Dishwashers
55. Washers and Dryers
56. Sleep - to be re-energized for a new day
57. Automobiles - so I don't have to walk
58. Planes - they're fun (and fast!), but I haven't flown on one in years
59. Bikes
60. Babies - who couldn't like them?!?
61. History - from which we can derive many useful lessons
62. Math and science - extremely complex way God proves that He made the universe with order and structure
63. Toothbrush - what would you do without one?
64. Brushes and combs
65. Godly men and women of the past
66. Godly men and women of today
67. George Washington - I love studying about his incredible character!
68. Laughter - "A cheerful heart is good medicine" ~Prov. 17:22
69. Rain - best when it's just sprinkling or lightly raining
70. Cool days -rare here!
71. Vacuums - can you imagine if you had to sweep everything?
72. Brooms - for getting dirt out of corners
73. Blogger - it's free!
74. God's faithfulness - The sun rises and sets every day, and God is faithful to us all the time!
75. Worldviews of the Western World - I really enjoy all that I learn!

Okay, so I only made it to 75. Although I could make it to one hundred, it would be going over immensely detailed things, such as I have already begun to mention--like brooms. So to spare you, and to not have to worry with coming up with any more, I will stop. It was a good thought anyway... :)

Have a blessed week!


Caleb said...

I love #72. ;)

And hey, what about Sychronized Swimming? :P

Kristen said...

Love it! It is so good to cultivate a heart of thankfulness -- especially to realize how much we have to be thankful for!

Allison said...

Caleb: Oh yes, I forgot that one! ;) Haha!

Kristen: Indeed! We are abundantly blessed, yet many times we become dissatisfied or ungrateful, or forget how blessed we truly are! We should cultivate gratefulness for even the smallest things. Thanks for your comment!