Saturday, August 2, 2008

The long overdue brief trip review...

(No, I'm not prone to being poetic, or writing poems, the title of this post just ended up that way)

We left Monday, July 14 on a last minute trip to Branson! We were blessed with tickets to the Defending your Faith conference (by Mr. Ken Ham, Mr. Doug Phillips, and Mr. Voddie Baucham) from friends who were not able to attend. Monday we drove to Arkansas, and visited with friends for a short while and stayed the night at our friends’ house. Tuesday we drove to Branson, where we attended the conference through Friday evening. The conference was fantastic, and I’ll give more details on that later. We had afternoon free time in Branson, and we went to a theme park one afternoon, visited a Titanic museum, and shopped in outlet malls. We tagged this trip onto a trip we were originally taking to Granny’s. We spent about a week with her, helping her, visiting with relatives, and having fun. But now we are back home, and as much fun as we had, joyful to be back.

To give you a few details about the conference, here are a few things I learned...

  • Only 9% of Christian, evangelical teens believe in absolute moral truth

  • The word "day" is used 2,301 times in the Old Testament, yet is only questioned in Genesis 1. (Have you ever heard someone question if the days mentioned when Joshua marched around Jericho were literal, 24 hour days?)

  • If we give up the Bible, we are not going to neutral ground, we are crossing over to their ground

  • When you are witnessing to someone, you must be sure that they define words the same way you do. You must understand the way they define words like God and sin to be able to properly explain Christianity.

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