Friday, August 15, 2008

Snow Buddies Movie Review

What movies are worth watching, is a difficult question to answer, and varies for each family.

A couple weeks ago, I watched a movie that is rated PG. It was about puppies. Air Bud’s puppies, to be exact. Yet I would recommend this movie to no one. Why? Let me give you my review of “Snow Buddies”…

For a brief overview of the plot, this movie is about Air Bud’s puppies, which live in different homes, yet all in the same town. At a specific time each day, they gather together to play. Because of Budderball, the puppy that loves to eat, they end up on an ice cream truck that is airlifted and dropped in Alaska. Interesting way to end up in Alaska, isn’t it? They meet a husky puppy and they end up helping him and his boy. Like many movies before this one, the plot centers around a child who has a dream to do something that his parents won’t allow, with the air buddies being the perfect answer to the dilemma.

My concern with this movie is not the cheating “villain” during the dog-sled race, but that the young boy (Adam) disobeys his dad’s specific command to not to participate in the dog-sled race. Adam sneaks and pays for the race, trains “his” puppies, and in the end wins the race. What happens then? The dad admits HE was wrong by not allowing him to race. Excuse me, but what’s wrong with this picture? Where’s the consequence for disobedience? Why could they not have structured the plot where the Adam obeys and it becomes a blessing for him? Well they obviously could not because everything in Hollywood’s movies—their worldview, their plots, everything is built upon the wrong foundation, which leads to movies with wrong morals, and the list could go on.

Some other negatives about the movie? Well, there is immodesty, as they show one of the puppies in the beginning teaching a yoga class. The spirituality of this puppy, know as Buddha, is also strange, as would be expected from a pup named “Buddha”. He encourages the puppies in “spiritual” things. (I don’t remember specifics, but it was weird!) The jokes were not funny in my opinion, because they were inappropriate, mostly centered around “potty humor”. A little name calling is interjected (mainly by the bad guy). Ultimately, the plot is similar to many other movies. What ever happened to original plots?

Every family is different in choosing what their children can and cannot watch. However, I hope that you can get a glimpse from my review into the flawed morals and really pitifully done plot so that it will steer you away from wasting your time watching this movie.


Maiden of Purity said...

That was a great and godly review. I know not to watch that! I know, it's crazy, almost ever movie is like that. The child has a dream, the parents say no for some reasons, the child goes ahead and disobeys, trains whatever animal, wins the race,and in the end the parent realizes his/her mistake! That just doesn't make sense. I'm coming to the conclusion that all movies are ending like this. Especially when it has to do with an animal. It's just a repitition, and showing that the parents didn't know and are kinda sorry for stopping their child. Then you do have the bad humor concerning some jokes as you said. Overall, you did an excellent review!

Kira said...

Great review!

And I agree.

In most movies, it portrays the parent(s) as the 'bad' guys, not letting their child do whatever he or she wants to do. And once the child does it (disobeys)... It's the parent who is the one who asks for forgivness at the end!

It shows kids who watch it to think that it's okay to disobey, and that when they do, they aren't the ones in the wrong!

I have noticed this in a lot of the movies I have seen. It's just so sad...

And you have an excellent blog by the way! I have been reading it for a while.

In Christ,

Erik B. said...

Hello Alison,

Great job on the movie review. I don't watch very many new films. The moral quality of so many films has degraded to the point that it is not even worth watching them. What with all the needless violence, language, ect. - it just sickens me.

The moral quality, and actually film quality, of many of the older films is quite nice and refreshing. Anyway, I'm rambling now!

Thank you for coming by my blog.

In Christ,
Erik B.

Kristen said...

I agree at how the movie plots these days have really gone downhill. Thanks for the great review. I will remember the cautions you gave concerning this movie!

Allison said...

Thanks to each of you for your comments! I was surprised to find that there are few reviews on this movie, and I think it's worth it for Christian teens who have the time to review movies, children's books, and other things to inform others! So I encourage you to do the same! :)

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, the movies are getting worse and yet with the same basic plots. We rarely watch movies, even PG rated ones!

Thank you for your comment! It's nice to meet you. :) You have a lovely blog!

Erik: I agree with you, the film content has become worse and worse over the years that it is very difficult for my family to find movies that we consider appropriate for my younger brothers (or for us!)!! Every once in a while my parents will allow the older children in my family to watch a movie to decipher the worldview--as long as it's not too bad!

Kristen: Thank you for all the comments you give here. I really appreciate each one of them!!!