Monday, September 29, 2008

Fellowship with Believers

We had a special church day Sunday. We had planned to go to the park after the service, but because of some marsh mosquitoes present recently, the men decided it would be best to stay at church. Instead, we rented the gym, and played some fun active games! Some played basketball, some wall-ball, some volleyball, some took pictures and played [;)] while the little kids ran around. We played a really fun game of volleyball, although we weren't good at all! It's so wonderful to be able to fellowship and play with like-minded believers, without having to worry about things you would with unbelievers or friends who are believers but aren't like-minded. Don't you agree? Here are a few pictures from the occasion...

I love this picture, although it's a bit blurry. (result of flash off in these pictures, gym kinda dark)
My brother has his feet off the ground!

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