Sunday, September 21, 2008


“Allison, Allison, wake up…we’re leaving” dad whispered to me early in the morning. “Leaving where?” I mumbled, still half asleep. “The hurricane’s still headed our way; we’re outta here.” I sleepily dragged myself out of bed, hastily thinking through what I would need to take. This is how the morning we evacuated began for me…

We drove up to Tyler and stayed in a small cabin, graciously lent to us by a church where the pastor ordained dad (in another state where he used to pastor). We did not have internet access, and we lost power because of Ike Saturday afternoon. This hurricane was massive in size, and we were awed at the incredible power of GOD displayed, despite the fact that we were not there to witness it. Although we did not know where the storm would hit, or what kind of damage it would do to our home and our dear friends’ homes, we trusted that God would protect us and that His way was best. Thankfully, we only had minor damage at our home. We were blessed to not have any damage inside, despite that we considered that our huge and heavy Asian grapefruits could catapult through our vulnerable schoolroom windows. Power outages were widespread (over 2 million approximated in Houston, plus more all over the country!), and so we were without power until Thursday.

During the time of no electricity, we tried to find things to do, although we seemed to be somewhat distracted by all that was happening. God blessed us with absolutely beautiful weather the first few days home, so we spent a lot of time outside. Thankfully, we could use the tap water, so we cooked on our gas stove, and washed all the dishes by hand. Everything took longer than usual. Meal cleanup was longer, because we had to hand wash all the dishes. We are so spoiled by our electricity! By about 7 or a little after, it was too dark to see, so we spent time reading (as a family and silently) watching Dvds on the computer, and just sitting together and talking where there was light! We were blessed to be able to borrow a nearby church family’s home to do laundry and use their electricity (for re-charging things & keeping some of our salvaged refrigerator and freezer items).

Remember, in the midst of ANY circumstance, God is good, and He is sovereign. He uses natural disasters to bring glory to Himself, and to draw others to Him.

Here are some pictures of the hurricane damage at our house and our neighborhood.
The siding missing from our house

Part of the fence is down, some of the other is leaning

Dad's shed fell apart, and I think it would be completely apart if there was not so much stuff inside holding it together

The fence next door in the field is completely down

Some street signs and stop signs were knocked over

Large trees lost limbs, some trees were leaning, others completely down

This power line leaned really close to someone's house!

Replacing a pole

Close up on above picture

My friend Caleb also has pictures of hurricane damage here.


Lydia said...

Hey, thank you for your comment on my blog. It was really a blessing.
Wow, I hadn't heard or seen much from Ike's damage. My family got a direct hit from Gustav. I have some pictures and stuff on my blog on earlier posts. How long we ya'll out of power? Well, I know it's hard. We tried to find stuff to do with no electricity for a few days too.

Caleb said...

You said: we were awed at the incredible power of GOD displayed. It is very true, and what is even more amazing, is that it was only a category 2!!

Noelle said...

Wow! So glad you're safe! Scary... :S

Kristen said...

Amazing. Yes, so glad you are safe! It looks like you all got some damage -- but nothing that can't be repaired relatively quickly. The Lord is good!