Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Joys of Living on the Coast

My family rarely watches T.V. Occasionally we'll watch a family movie, but we tend to stick to games and such. There is one time when we watch T.V. though, and that is not for pleasure. It is to examine potential hurricanes. Yes, once again, we have a hurricane *possibly* headed towards us. I say "possibly" because we don't know; God has this hurricane in His hand, perfectly controlled, and it will go exactly where He planned for it to go. We however, do not know for sure which way it will turn, or if it will turn at all! But we can trust that His ways are perfect. The hurricane's name is Ike, and if it lands south of us, we will probably have lots of rain, and maybe even tornadoes or power outages (dirty side of the hurricane). And if it hits us--we're outta here. :) But nothing is certain yet in our eyes, and so all we can do is prepare and pray.

Here is the "cone of uncertainty" as my brother calls it. :) This is the possible radius of Ike.

If you'd like to read/learn more about it, you can check here or here. It is proposed to make landfall Saturday morning at 5am. Please keep us in your prayers, asking for God's protection over us, our church family, and all who the hurricane hits. Make God be glorified!


Maiden of Purity said...

Wow, that's pretty scary! I will definately keep y'all in my prayers. I thought of you this morning when I was praying, so I prayed for you and your future CLEP test(s). Are you still planning on taking it on Sept.17??

~Bryant said...

Oh my, that is scary. But, it is so good to know that the Lord is watching over your family and community!

Our family rarely ever watches TV, too! :)

Kira said...

Yes, you are right. God is in full control of Ike and it will go exactly where he has planned for it to go.

I will keep your family in my prayers!!

In Christ,