Thursday, October 2, 2008


Girls, here is something to inspire you, encourage you, and convict you! This is the beauty that lasts, by Nancy DeMoss. If you have a few minutes, skim over it. If you have more, dig into it! It's a written record of one of the daily programs by Ms. DeMoss. Here's a quote directed towards younger women...
"We have young moms who listen, we have teenagers, we have single women, we have young married women, women who are in their 20s and 30s—just all those younger seasons of life. What you need to hear is that this is the goal.

Don’t tune it out and say, “Oh, this is for older women. This isn’t for me.” If you’re not learning and seeking to develop these qualities in your life now, you’re not going to have them when you’re an older woman. These are qualities that every believer needs to be seeking to cultivate. You need to be seeking to cultivate these now, whether you’re 16 or 26 or 36 or 46—and I’ll let you decide when you’re not “younger” anymore."

This is part of a series, and I haven't read them all (not sure if they're all up or not), but I encourage you to take some time to soak in this truth!

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