Monday, December 22, 2008

Church Christmas party!

Yesterday our church had the most interesting and unique party I've ever heard of. In our church we have three elders, and they wanted the families of church to visit and fellowship in each of their homes. So they separated them into groups and each hour the elders had a new group of families in their homes! It was fun, but it went by so fast. At the end, the families who still wanted to fellowship were invited to come to our home once again!
Here's what we did:

played games (after eating)

ate some more.....

played some more....

and talked!

Doesn't that sound like the perfect Christmas party? ;)
It really was a lot of fun!


Callie said...

That was SO FUN!!! Was that when pastor Lee Pastor Griffin And my Dad had people over at are houses???

Allison said...

Yes Callie. It was fun! I'm glad we did it. :)