Friday, December 12, 2008


You can rest assured that when it snows in Houston--even just a *tiny* bit, Houstonians are ecstatic! Yet this wasn't just a tiny bit of snow, it covered the ground with an inch or two.

subdivision entrances

Before it started snowing, we had some frozen rain on our car, and I thought I'd have some fun :)

Remind anyone of Narnia? :)

Building a snowman...

Snowman pictures are coming in the next post!


Maiden of Purity said...

Oh my gosh Ally! That's awesome! But, kinda hilarious for me to hear. I know for y'all it's a BIG thing, because it doesn't come out very much. That's really cool though. The Texas weather just cracks me up. Some days are cold, and then the next it's warm. I know, I was there ALL my life! I sure miss it. Up north there's too much snow and too cold! :) :O I'll talk to ya later...Nessa

Allison said...

It is very funny because the afternoon before it snowed (it snowed in the evening) it was in the 70s! It changed rapidly--and was exciting! We get to wear our sweaters this winter a few times! :D