Saturday, December 27, 2008

We have our work cut out for us…

What was to be a relatively simple job has turned into a huge winter break project. We’ve been dealing with a leak under our kitchen sink for a while (dripping from the faucet), but recently it’s gotten worse. Because we wanted to eventually replace the counter tops and sink, we thought we might as well do it now, since we had to replace the faucet anyway. However, anytime we start a house project it ends up being bigger than we realize. When my dad started messing around under the cabinets, he found mold and water damage from an old leak that must not have been fixed properly. The drywall was crumbling in places around the sink and the bottoms of two of the cabinets were so rotted you could pull the board apart with your hands. Needless to say, we have to replace the cabinets! Right now, we don’t have a kitchen sink or counter tops on one side of the kitchen. I'm one of the official painters of the family, so I have my work cut out for me as well. :)
Here are a few pictures of the mess we ran in to...

back splash and counter tops pulled off--crumbling Sheetrock

rotting base cabinet


other rotting base cabinet

Please pray that we won't run into any more issues, and that this will be fixed quickly!


Maiden of Purity said...

Oh boy Ally! Wow, what a mess! Reminds me on my days back in Tx, in our old country home. Phew, what a disaster, lots of work for y'all! Just be thankful this didn't all appear on Christmas day! There's something to be thankful for! :)


Kira said...

Oh, no! I hope everything goes well and that it all gets fixed quickly!!

In Christ,

Kira said...

Hi Alisson!

In reply to your comment - I use a Conair straightener. It works really well. :)

I hope your kitchen is doing well ;)

~ Kira