Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fantastic Reads...

The ladies at Girl Talk posted a thought-provoking article about developing skills and learning while you are young.
Here are some questions they asked:
"-Which do your parents hear more: complaints about schoolwork or gratefulness for your education?
-Are you diligently working to improve the skills God has given you for His glory?

-What gifts has God blessed you with and how can you develop them for use in the local church?
-How much time do you spend reading? Do you read books that teach you about God and His creation?
-Most importantly, are you daily studying the Bible to learn all you can about God’s character and how to walk in His way?"
Click here to read the entire post.

Also, Ms. Nancy DeMoss has been doing an incredible series on deception. Here is the main page for her programs, where you can read what comes on the radio each day.
A couple quotes from this series...
"Deception doesn’t usually come through this big, huge, ugly monster. Then we wouldn’t buy into it. It’s more often subtle, alluring, attractive, enticing, just little distortions of the truth, but you get off by a matter of degrees, and before long, you’re way, way off. They disguise themselves as angels of light and servants of righteousness."

"If there's some relationship, some connection, some habit, some reading, some types of movies you’re watching, if they’re sending you in a wrong direction, they’re pulling you away from the truth that is in Christ, if they’re diminishing your heart for holiness, cut if off!"

And here are a couple of my favorite programs from the amazing series:
January 29th and
February 4th

Instead of being deceived by the empty philosophies of this world, we need to carefully examine and filter everything--Christian or non-Christian, book or movie-- through God's Word, the ultimate standard!
Please take the time to at least skim these articles; you will find them helpful!

P.S. I'm working on completing part two of Obedience; hopefully it'll be posted this week, or at least by early next week!

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