Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Honest Scrap Award/Tag

This award was given to me by Moriah, Katie and Caleb.  Thanks guys! 
  • Say thanks by giving a link to the person's blog who tagged you.
  • Share ten things about yourself--be truthful!!
  • Present the award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.
  • Tell those 7 people that you have awarded them.
 I figured that since I was given this by 3 people that I should do it.  ;)  However, I've shared 50 things about myself (they're all honest ;) and other facts in various tags, so I thought I'd twist it a little like Jasmine and Katie have done.  So I'm sharing 10 honest music related things about me... :)

1. I’ve always struggled with playing by ear. I need the notes in front of me!
2. In the past year though, I’ve worked on chords for worship songs and so can now play a little better by ear.
3. I teach 4 piano students that range in age from 5-15.
4. I love teaching piano, and it’s good learning experience for me!
5. I’m working on a degree in music via distance learning.
6. I don’t like music theory, but I’m about to start a distance learning theory course for college credit.
7. I can play the beginning part of “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin, otherwise known in our house as the “ice-cream man song”. It’s really fun!
8. I’ve played the piano for 11 years, but don’t really have musical gifting, so I’ve had to work hard at it. Lest you think that I’m some amazing pianist now, let me assure you that I’m not. I didn’t work as hard or quickly as I should have and so despite my many years of playing am not that great. I’m continually learning though…
9. I love singing harmony and playing duets on the piano with my brother. I also love playing harmony on instruments (with my siblings or friends)!
10. The guitar has a beautiful sound and I would really like to be able to play decently. I’ve tried teaching myself chords and will sometimes be found in my room “playing” and singing. But my siblings will attest to my incredibly poor playing. :P

I decided not to award anyone this time, but if you're reading my blog and would like to do it, feel free!  Just let me know so I can read it.  :)

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Maggie said...

I love reading these little award things! :) It was great reading yours!