Friday, October 30, 2009

Lucky who?

"Good luck!"
Someone has probably asserted something similar to this to this phrase to you before, or perhaps you've used the same phrase yourself. But have you ever thought about what you or someone else might be implying when stating something using the words luck, fate or chance? 

R.C. Sproul expresses:
“There is a crucial difference between the providence of God and fortune, fate, or luck. The key to this difference is found in the personal character of God. Fortune is blind while God is all-seeing. Fate is impersonal while God is a Father. Luck is dumb while God can speak.”
So using a term such as "luck" can express a reliance on a force that is not even there!

Why do we, even Christians, use words such as "luck"? I believe one reason is because of the influence of our culture upon us. It is so deep that often times we simply do not comprehend the meaning of such wording when we wish someone "good luck".  I mean, it just means that you hope someone does well, right?  If that is all you're really meaning, then is it possible for you to find alternate wording that will express your thoughts better?

Christians should use wording that evidences their complete reliance on the providence of God, His power and His might alone.

I have to admit, when I catch someone saying some form of the word "luck", I sometimes remind them that "there's no such thing as luck". If someone asks me what to say instead, I suggest wording that reveals a dependence on God and not on chance. John Calvin expresses that:
"If every success is God's blessing, and calamity and adversity His curse, no place now remains in humans affairs for fortune or chance."
He goes on to say,
“We make God the ruler and governor of all things, who in accordance with His wisdom has from the farthest limit of eternity decreed what He was going to do, and now by His might carries out what He has decreed.”
It brings joy to me to hear my brothers and sisters in Christ expressing how God has worked in their lives, how He has been good to them, or how they are praying for me.  Honestly, I'd much prefer to hear that other than "good luck".  :)  What about you?


Maiden of Purity said...

Great post Allison! That is exactly right. My mom will sometimes here this, "Oh, it is so nice to have appear in my life, what a coincidence!" However, my mom comes back with, "No, I don't believe in coincidences, however, it was meant and planned by God!" Same thing as with luck, nothing exists in luck, it was a blessing that you passed a CLEP for an example, not by mere luck! :)

Maiden of Purity said...

BTW, you previous post was amazing, just didn't have time to leave a comment! I really needed those words! Thanks for sharing your insights which the Lord gives you! What a blessing your blog and posts are! :)