Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Does Dating Promote?

 The Bible never commands or suggests dating or courtship.  However, there are principles in God's Word that we need to apply, and this is a list I've composed of what I believe dating encourages vs. what the Bible commands (Scripture references are linked to).

Dating Encourages...
Covetousness instead of contentment
Temporary pleasure and feeling instead of lifelong commitment
Giving away your heart instead of guarding it
Selfish love instead of biblical love
A me-focused attitude instead of a God-focused attitude
Flirting with sin instead of fleeing from sin
Compromise instead of steadfastness
Wrong thinking instead of taking every thought captive and dwelling on what is honorable
Acting for other person instead of your true character shining forth
Pleasing the other person instead of pleasing God
Having your needs met by a person instead of by God
Indulging in evil instead of abstaining
Wasting time instead of investing time
Conforming to the world’s ideas and standards instead of God’s
Caring more about externals than the heart
Making decisions independently instead of seeking God and the wisdom of our parents
A belief that we know better than God
Impatience instead of patience
Pleasure instead of commitment
Present-minded instead of future minded
Defrauding instead of treating one another like brothers and sisters in Christ


Maiden of Purity said...

Amen to that! Those are points, all stated right! I especially like the last point! Wonderful post, short and yet right to the exact meaning. They are so true, and yet so many fall short of this. Christians even go the other way; such a sad world! Thanks for posting! :)


Sophie said...

Really good reminder, Allison! Well put, nice and short, but to the point! Biblical principles and Scripture to support!
Blessings! Thanks for sharing!


Leah said...

Yes, Ally, this is a great reminder! I'm always encouraged and challenged by your posts!

Kate said...

Amen! Courtship may not be biblical per se, but dating is absolutely, unequivocally UNbiblical!