Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Everyone’s heard the phrase “be yourself”. And we can understand how most people mean it—they’re encouraging you to not to act like others around you but to show your unique personality. It’s not wrong to encourage others to stop giving into peer pressure or to stop doing things just because everyone else is. Yet when we heard the term “be yourself” it brings to mind some things we’d like to address.

It's directly unbiblical. We are to be imitators of God, to crucify the flesh, to grow up to be like Christ as Christ lives in us, to walk as children of light and to live worthy of the gospel.

We’re sinful, we don’t want to be like we naturally are!  None of us are righteous, we often feel secure in our sin, we think we haven't sinned, we are wise in doing evil, and we want to follow our own plans

We’re called to be like Christ, not ourselves.  He is our example and we are to grow in the grace and knowledge of Him.

We have to be careful with the clichés and phrases we use. It’s easy for us to take an unbiblical statement and expand it to make it sound good or even “Christian”. But because it often stems from an unbiblical source, it is weak and doesn’t clearly expound on what we really mean, thus leaving an empty, shallow half-truth.

For Christians, it’s not a matter of acting the way we want or even acting the way we’re naturally inclined. It’s living our lives in such a way that honors Jesus Christ, and choosing to do what pleases Him, ultimately putting the flesh to death.

-Allison and Katie


Excelsior said...

As usual, excellent thoughts!

Kristen said...

So true! Great post!

Shelby L'Rae said...

*deep breath* Wow. This is something so very unpopular in our culture and yet you just boldly declared it. It's like a breath of fresh air.

"Be yourself!" I've tried to articulate an argument against such a phrase and have always been strongly opposed for doing so. I've truly been blessed by this post. Please keep teaching the truth. It's a blessed thing that you are doing.

Christ's blessings,