Monday, February 28, 2011

Bitterness Introduction

Bitterness is deceptive. Bitterness destroys. And if we’re not careful, it will quietly sneak into our lives, and ruin them. But how is it that we end up bitter? What thoughts lead to bitterness?

Bitterness is a result of dwelling on negative thoughts about another person or circumstance. It can be because someone hurt you or did something to you, because someone is not doing what you want them to do, or simply because you are angry with a circumstance you have no control over. It may begin with anger or it may be subtle derogatory thoughts. Either way, it is destructive. In my upcoming posts I hope to evaluate bitterness and a biblical response.

Nearly every person has experienced bitterness in their life. You may not even realize it—but if you think about it carefully, you probably have. Bitterness manifests itself in various forms. So we need to learn to identify the bitterness, destroy the wrong thoughts and actions, and replace them with biblical truth.

I started working on this idea a while ago, but it is finally finished. While the posts like this are mainly what I planned for my blog content-wise, my last two “sets” of posts have been more worldview-related as I’ve shared things I believe. The following 5 posts will cover the topic of bitterness. I pray that these upcoming posts will be encouraging and helpful!


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