Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the past couple months...

I added two more piano students to my lessons. (Fourteen total now, may add another soon, and loving every minute of teaching!)

My brothers started homeschool baseball.

I did a senior photo shoot, a family photo shoot, two baby photo shoots (combined), and another photo shoot with a friend. And no, I do not have a photography business. But I love it! :)

I had lots of ups and downs regarding the completion of my degree. (for those of you interested, a full post will be devoted to that soon)

I posted a series on bitterness, which is I hope is encouraging and practical.

I judged at a homeschool speech and debate tournament. (which was a lot of fun)

My brother and I helped three families in our church move.

My siblings and I started playing tennis again (for fun, no lessons or official games involved)

I started reading my textbook for my last college course, Psychology of Personality (this should be interesting…I may have to write a post on some of the odd ideas in it)



Vicki said...

Wow, Allison, you HAVE been very productive! I have been enjoying your educational post series(es), too (what is the appropriate plural for "series"??).

I guess I never realized you were in college! What are you majoring in, and what are you going to do when you graduate? I'm always excited to learn about other students' college and career plans! :-)

Have a wonderful evening!

Love in Christ,

Allison said...

Hi Vicki,
I'm working towards a BA in Liberal Arts. (which, in itself is a story) I'm planning to continue teaching piano after I graduate (and eventually add more students) and I work as my church's secretary. :)