Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Encapsulated

It’s almost unbelievable at how rapidly November whizzed by. Being gone for three weeks of the month certainly was a huge part of it. The second week in November I spent at IPS’s Prize Winning Photography 2 (PWP2). My friend Leah and I drove to San Antonio, roomed together, and took the class together. There are a multitude of words that could describe the week, including challenging, amazing, and exciting. I learned a lot and enjoyed the in-person critiques, the photo shoot deadlines (even though it was sometimes stressful), the client photo shoot, editing with Lightroom and graphic design in Photoshop Elements. Dinner with some of our 5 other classmates and sometimes late nights made for little sleep, but it was well-worth it.

I tried to begin implementing some of the many things I learned at PWP2 on our next trip, because as soon as I returned home I had to immediately repack for our 2 week family vacation. (perfect timing for IPS—a week later and I couldn’t have gone!) We drove as a family to the National Bible Bee in Nashville, TN to watch my brother compete. This year the Bible Bee invited conference speakers. While there, we were able to hear John Stonestreet (from Summit Ministries) Brett Harris as well as participate in a church service with Keith and Kristyn Getty & Voddie Baucham. Other speakers included Doug Phillips, Kirk Cameron, and many more. As expected, we had the privilege of watching the Senior semi-finals and finals, which was amazing. It’s mind-boggling at how perfectly the finalists had their verses down. The young people participating in the Bible Bee are not doing something that they'll grow out of or that will prove useless. They are hiding hundreds of verses of God's precious Word in their hearts, and it will benefit them now and in the future.

Following the Bible Bee, we stayed for a week in a cabin in Jamestown, TN, a couple hours outside of Nashville. We got to play games (particularly many games of Scrabble—it’s getting more difficult as everyone is getting better), hike in the woods, celebrate Thanksgiving, rest and enjoy family fun. Unfortunately my sister Katlyn was sick for half of the time, so she didn’t get to enjoy it with us.

Afterwards we headed to Alabama to have a post-Thanksgiving family celebration. We had a fantastic time spending time with extended family we hadn’t seen in a while, and staying with our Granny.

Two weeks and 778 pictures later, I’m sorting, picking and editing pictures to post here, on my photo blog, for our family Christmas card and future scrapbooking.

As December approaches, so are the Christmas events! I’m taking my students to a couple nursing homes in December, as well as hosting a piano recital, so on return from vacationing I need to make sure everyone has their pieces down well. Looking forward to what the last month of 2011 will hold!

(pictures from our trip coming soon!)


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