Saturday, November 5, 2011

Seeking God

Seeking God is not something you or I can do and check off the to-do list. It is a lifestyle, a relationship, a constant choice to do what He says, to seek His will, not your own. It requires effort. Hard work. Sacrifice. Martin Luther once said:  
“I have so much to do [today] that I should spend the first three hours in prayer.”

When my day is jammed-packed with activity and things to do, the easiest thing to neglect or shorten is my time in prayer and the Word. My immediate response is not that I should spend the first three hours in prayer.

But this shouldn’t be the case.

What am I willing to sacrifice? What are you willing to sacrifice? If we say God is most important to us, shouldn’t we readily offer up our free time in order to spend time alone with the Lord in the morning? Should our love for God and our relationship with Him not be evident by the way we plan our day? If your day is crammed with things to accomplish are you willing to get less sleep in order to seek God?

It’s more than duty, it’s more than checking off it as done; it’s about cultivating a relationship with Jesus Christ, the author of your salvation. He loves you and desires for you to know and experience Him, but that is only possible by seeking Him. A relationship does not grow itself; it requires effort on our part. We can’t expect to know and love God more deeply if we aren’t studying what He loves and hates, if we aren’t praying to Him, if we aren’t expecting Him to speak to us, if we aren’t seeking to be led by His Spirit day-by-day.

“Don’t merely discipline yourself to read your Bible and to pray as if it is a life sentence you must carry out. Instead, approach your times with God as an opportunity to get to better know someone who loves you with an infinite love. Simply making yourself read a chapter of the Bible each day and then reciting a prayer will not lead you into a deeper walk with God. Henry Blackaby (emphasis mine)

Which matters more—your to-do list, temporary pleasure, relaxation and playing, your friends, or a relationship with the eternal God, whom you will someday worship for eternity? Where is your heart? If you desire a deeper relationship with Christ, you must be willing to sacrifice to seek Him. May the Lord change our hearts to be people more concerned with Him than with ourselves.

“But learning about [God] is not why you should want to have time with Him. You should desire fellowship with Him because of what you already know about Him, and as you interact with Him, you will learn even more about Him that will inevitably deepen your devotion. Everything we do with and for God should stem from our love relationship with Him.Henry Blackaby (emphasis mine)


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Katelyn said...

I so needed to read this and it was really a blessing. Thank you for sharing, Allison!!