Friday, December 2, 2011

Bible Bee pictures

City view from our hotel window

Hotel. It had clear glass elevators so you could see the city--which was pretty neat. Unfortunately this traffic light pole wouldn't move out of my way for the picture.

Around the City

Artwork displayed around the Bible Bee

Looking at the choir music

While in Nashville, we visited Opryland, a massive hotel/conference center/mall, to see their indoor Christmas lights.

Opryland even had an outdoor manger scene with the Christmas story recording played repetitively. Pretty cool to see in a public place, isn't it?

Rock climbing in the family fun center at the Bible Bee

Rock climbing

One of the things I love watch while at the Bible Bee is all the contestants, family members and friends praying for other contestants. Where else, in the middle of competition, do you see this?

My sister Katie, one of my brothers and I sang in the Bible Bee choir. We sang a modern oratorio which our director composed himself! Despite only a few hours of practicing all together, it turned out surprisingly well.
(picture courtesy of my mom)

Senior division--top 100 finalists!


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Ashley said...

Hi Alison! This is Ashley McKevitt from the Bible Bee!! I've never had the chance to meet you, but I first saw the link to your blog from Sophie LaFleur a year or so ago. Then it turns out that your family is in Bible Bee and was at Nashville, but I had no idea what your last name was (until I tried to figure out who this mysterious blogger was and saw your last name began with G:) I finally figured it all out! Lord-willing, we'll meet someday! God's deepest blessings to you!