Saturday, December 3, 2011

Few memories of camping...

*Note to those who do "real" camping--we camped in a cabin, which is still camping for us. :) 

Fallen leaf! We don't really have leaves that change colors in TX.
More leaves. Dad even found a big one with 3 ladybugs on it that he tried to bring home for our garden (seriously, they were in the car). I don't believe they made it all the way home.

Games of Go Fish (and Scrabble and Uno...).

Quiet times outside on the porch in the cool weather, listening to the rain or the sounds of children playing.

Rain droplets on the tree (taken from under the dry porch cover).

Rain! It rained a couple days were were there, and in our hiking we sometimes had to be careful because of the wet, slippery ground. Thankfully though we did have some dry days to be outside.


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