Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Car

When we visited our relatives in November, my uncle asked me what car I drive. So I thought I’d show all of you, in case you were interested in seeing it. 

It’s a cool car. 

Bright red.


Doesn't fit that many people though.

But my parents bought it for me. It was a Christmas present.

It’s in perfect condition. 

I take wonderful care of it and don’t take it out much. 

It even has my name on it! 

It’s amazing.



So without further adieu…my beautiful car. 


Yes, that is it. That’s the closest I get to having my own car. ;) 



Katie said...

I don't have a car. :(
Yours is lovely, but I think I like Luke's better. ;)

Chloë said...

This was a cute post. :)

Tyra Shortino said...

It's a cool car. It looks like we bought the same one, though. I have a car like that in blue! Haha!