Friday, January 27, 2012

Chronicles from this Week

It’s been an exciting week!

Monday - Wednesday I was away from home watching the three youngest children of some church friends while they went out of state. I stayed at their home, had the opportunity to homeschool the kids, do piano lessons and play with them. It was the first time I had watched anyone but my siblings overnight, so it was a new experience. Time flew by rapidly, and the children did excellently. Their youngest, a five year old girl, is very sweet and loves to do things with me. She is so funny, from the names she'd create for pretend play, to the conversations we had, like this one:
H: I live in Texas!
Me: I do too!
H: You do?

Thursday I spent catching up on things at home—practicing piano, doing chores and those sorts of things. Friday morning I had to be up bright and early and head downtown for my first jury summons. After sitting for 3 hours, doing some reading, and talking to the lady next to me, the court let us all go because the cases had finished. I admit I was a bit relieved, because while there I learned that if chosen for a jury, a case could last from 3-5 days, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to that (even though it technically wouldn’t be a choice).

So thus concludes my adventures of the week, including my first experience with jury duty!

(This is probably pretty boring for most of you, especially those who don't know me personally, but please bear with my ramblings.)


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