Sunday, January 8, 2012

Of First Importance

Our church celebrated it's 6th anniversary today. We have experienced God's faithfulness in so many ways! As we look toward the future, our desire is to be a God-exalting, Christ-centered, Gospel-saturated church. This is of first importance.

Yes, we've been thinking a lot about the gospel. The significance of it, the necessity of not deviating from it, adding to it or twisting it in any form. As a family integrated church, it's easy to "define" our church by our structure. But that's not of first importance. God sending Christ to die for our sins is.

"Do our choices -whether it be to homeschool our children, "court" instead of date, pursue alternative options for higher education, or {fill in the blank} -define what we believe more than the gospel of Christ does?  
I think they do. In fact, I know they do. We preach about this conservative choice or that conservative choice, about this decision that changed our life or that decision that turned our family upside down... forgetting all the while that our choices are important and should flow from gospel conviction, but they are not to be confused with the radical power of the gospel of Christ Jesus, the only conviction that saves.   
And when we confuse the two, we are not proclaiming the gospel that truly transforms lives for the glory of God, but the behavior modification that turns virtue into an idol and whitewashes open tombs for the glory of man. (Matthew 23:27)" Jasmine Baucham 

I hope and desire that my blog would become more gospel centered this year!


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