Saturday, April 28, 2012

Love: Choice or Feeling?

“Love is not something we have or are, it is something we do.” 
Joseph Fletcher

I’ve talked before about how we cannot be ruled by our emotions. I’ve stated that our hearts are deceptive and we have to rely on the truth of God’s Word, not simply how we feel.

But I still believe that love includes feeling. 1 Peter 1:22 commands us to "Love one another earnestly from a pure heart", which I believe includes feeling. Sure, there may be times when we don’t feel like loving others, and we are still commanded to love in spite of how we feel, but I believe that part of our prayer should be that God would give us a desire to truly love from the heart, not just an outward choice.

“If we say that the biblical command to love has only to do with the will and not the feelings, we make it a very narrow and somewhat insipid command since it has little, then, to do with the usual way of relating to other people. I think, rather, that the command to love is a call to the deepest and most thoroughgoing sanctification… It is a call for a transformation which only God Himself can accomplish.” John Piper 

True, biblical love will require action and may sometimes go against our feelings, but when God transforms our hearts, He gives us a love for others that we ourselves do not have.

And yes, that is a feeling.


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