Monday, April 16, 2012

When it comes to opinions...

"As Christians, all of us (myself definitely included) regularly face the temptation to moralize our opinions. In other words, we can take something that we feel strongly about and attach a spiritual value to it. Then, when we see others who don’t live according to our standards, we can tend to look down on them or make them feel as if they are less godly than us.

The Bible is wonderfully exclusive as it is. It calls us to an incredibly high standard of holiness and Christ-likeness. It calls us to pursue righteousness and purity and faith along with everyone else who calls upon the name of the Lord. Let’s hold tightly to those standards and let’s hold to our opinions loosely. In the way we speak and the things we post on Facebook and the emails that we forward, let’s make it clear that the gospel is most important."

Stephen Altrogge, Hold to the Truth Tightly and Your Passionate Opinions Lightly


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God'sGirl said...

Allsion, I agree with your post! It is something that I have been thinking about. "How often do I state my own opinio?", "How often is the word, me, my, I, mine, used in the things I say?" and so forth. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading it!