Friday, May 25, 2012


I haven't been blogging. I tend to go in these spurts of writing. Suddenly I'll have ideas for posts or I'll learn something I want to share, whereas the lack of writing is generally due to busyness. But as much as I enjoy blogging and writing, it's not the most important thing in life. Which is what this post (and this one) reminded me of. Couple quotes...

"But it is precisely because the Internet can be so useful, so beneficial, so enjoyable, that it can also be so dangerous. For it is often the good things that distract us from the best things. And never before have so many good things been so easy to access, just a click away." Girl Talk, How's Your Time Trending?

"Most often, the effect of my Internet use on my heart is gradual. Almost imperceptible. Over time I can become more in tune with the immediate and less aware of the eternal. More dissatisfied with what God has given me and more aware of what others have. More excited about what I can discover online and less excited about what I discover in God's Word." Girl Talk, Our Connected Heart


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