Wednesday, August 22, 2012

From Beijing to the Second City...

  • 2 hour drive turned 13 hour trip
  • 1 Chinese-only speaking driver
  • 14 cigarettes (driver)
  • 1 gas station
  • 8 or more directions from strangers
  • 1 one-way street, facing cars head-on
  • Numerous breath holdings (due to smoke and driving fear)
  • Hours of stand-still traffic, due to flooding
  • A majority of our belongings in a separate car
  • Way too many repeats of the same few secular songs, most of which I could not stand
  • Coke zero and one water bottle
  • Few snacks to hold us over from our lack of dinner
  • Doritos at 4:30am
  • 5am breakfast at an interesting Chinese fast food place
  • Multiple unsuccessful attempts with skyping through 4G, finally working 10 hours later
  • Arriving after 13 hours of driving, exhausted from a lack of sleep
  • 1 great learning experience
(more details in the next post)


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