Thursday, September 20, 2012

20 Years of God's Goodness

the beautiful cake my sister made!
I celebrated my 20th birthday last month. It’s somewhat odd that I’m actually in my twenties now—it seems like a jump from 19 to 20, even though I don’t feel older.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to watch God work in many different ways in the past twenty years. I’ve made many mistakes, had many growing experiences, had great influences in my life, a wonderful family that loves me, siblings to talk with. I’ve been blessed to have friendships develop, ministry opportunities come forth, ways to serve, times to learn to put aside my own desires for others.

But the most important thing that happened in my first 20 years of life was that God gave me abundant life, through the death of my Savior and Lord, Christ Jesus. Thanks to His selfless giving of Himself for my sins, I have a relationship with the living God! Through that have many amazing things come. Certainly there have been trials, struggles, pain, and hardship, as any believer would face. But the joy of the Lord gives me the endurance to face anything, because He promises that all things will work together for my good, and that those difficulties will refine my character. Situations where I’ve learned to trust the Lord more deeply, to call on Him for strength, to depend on Him moment-by-moment and to seek His face daily have been life-changing.

Multiple moves, various church plants, college challenges, friends coming and going, and many other things combined have been circumstances God has used to teach me more about Himself (and the often sinful tendencies in my own heart) and to shape and refine me.

Yes, I’m still young, and I’m still learning. God has a lot to continue to work in me. My prayer is that He would continue to work in and through me, that my life might be used to the fullest extent to glorify and honor Him!


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