Monday, October 15, 2012

When You've Reached "the Age"

I find some of the questions and comments I’ve gotten humorous since I am now “old enough” to get married. No boyfriend? No wedding plans? No prospects? (By the way, I’d like someone to clarify what “prospects” is supposed to mean; are they asking if I’d marry any guy I know? If there’s someone who I know that might want to marry me? If someone is pursuing a courtship with me? Or what?…)

It’s even funnier when people you just met tell you that they’ll be on the lookout for potential spouses for you. While most of the comments I’ve received have been in jest, I think there is a level of expectancy amongst Christian homeschoolers to pursue marriage as soon as they finish high school or college and to marry as young as possible. What else are young single girls supposed to do anyway?

I am perfectly content with where the Lord has me right now. I feel no obligation to marry within the next year and don’t despair that there are no wedding plans around the corner. I don’t feel like an old maid destined to singleness. Ten years ago I thought I could be married by twenty, but now that I've reached that age I don't feel like I'm behind or feel a rush to marry soon. But neither am I “planning” to stay single for the rest of my life; I would love to get married. However, while marriage is a worthy pursuit and spiritual and physical preparation crucial, I do not believe it is the only thing in life, or worthy centering my world around.

Christ is the only one worthy of all our complete devotion. Seeking Him and deepening that relationship is the most important thing I can do in life. If my soul is happy in Him and trusts Him fully, it won’t make a difference if I get married next year, in 10 years, or not at all. If God wants me to get married, He’ll make it clear when it’s time.

“Above all things see to it that your souls are happy in the Lord. Other things may press upon you, the Lord’s work may even have urgent claims upon your attention, but I deliberately repeat, it is of supreme and paramount importance that you should seek above all things to have your souls truly happy in God Himself!George Muller


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