Monday, December 10, 2012

Season's Reflections

The fact that Jesus came to earth has struck me deeply this Christmas season. Everyone has heard it and could tell you—“Oh yeah, Jesus came as a baby, born in a stable”. But have you really thought about its implications this Christmas?

The Holy One, the Living Word, the Righteous One, Sustainer of the universe, our King, GOD Himself...Humbled Himself.
He willingly offered, He left the beauty of His throne and the glory He so richly deserved to live among sinful people like you and me.

Many times we’re guilty of complaining about the sinful people or the unfair circumstances that surround us. How many of us would joyfully offer to leave a place of perfection to live among unrighteous sinners?

But He did. Jesus took on flesh, was tempted as we were, physically experienced the same things you and I do. He faced rejection, wrong accusations, people who misunderstood Him, people who mistook Him simply for a prophet. When He was conceived people thought His mother had sinned, when He was born the king tried to kill Him, when He was grown people didn’t like how He talked about their sin. He didn’t live a glamorous life on earth, no, He lived a life that we wouldn’t quickly volunteer to follow.

Christmas isn’t just a simple truth that a sweet little baby Jesus was born in a stable. It was that Jesus, fully God, was born in the likeness of sinful flesh, with the mission to save a people for Himself by His substitutionary death on the cross. He demonstrated the greatest example of humility and love in the history of the world.

How can we not but worship and adore Him this Christmas season? Christ our Savior is born!


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